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Why Investors Don’t Want Bird Dog Leads from the MLS

When talking about properties to scout, you may hear an investor say, “I don’t want anything that is already listed with a real estate agent. No MLS.” Why is that? First of all, an investor doesn’t need a bird dog to go through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for him. Agents are more than happy to send a list of properties that meet the investor’s criteria. They simply set the search parameters into the MLS and the system automatically generates a report and emails it to the investor. The investor will be paying the agent’s commission (technically, the seller pays ... Read More »

Don’t Fake It til You Make It. Please.

Ya know…  I really applaud the efforts of newbies getting started, but I can always tell when someone has just come out of some big-name guru’s seminar. About once a week I get an email that reads something like this: “I am a real estate investor who works with cash buyers to find properties for them to buy, fix up and re-sell quickly or buy, fix up and rent out. I am looking for cash buyers interested to purchase single family houses above $300K onwards to be included in my preferred cash buyers list. I am also looking for an ... Read More »

One Property Submitted by Two or More Bird Dogs

I was reviewing properties submitted by a new bird dog last night. Several came straight from Craigslist, Zillow and/or Trulia. Is this good? Is it bad? The answer, of course, is that eye-roll causing “It depends.” It depends on what you want your bird dogs to bring you. If you’re not specific upfront (and many times, even if you are) you’re going to receive a lot of property submissions that don’t fit your criteria. Most investors tell bird dogs they don’t want any properties that are listed with a Realtor® or in the MLS. The same may go for Craigslist ... Read More »