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How Do You Become a Bird Dog?

Your first step would be to find a company or investor who advertises on signs or in the newspaper that they buy houses, or take over payments. Tell them what you’d like to do and ask them which areas they’d prefer you to look at. Drive around the area and look for ‘For Sale by Owner’ signs, rental homes and boarded up homes. You will develop a sense of what individual investors are looking for over time. This is the learning phase. You will pick up what experienced investors consider ‘good’ or ‘bad’ deals based on working with them. Expect your finds to be turned ... Read More »

Bird-Dogging – Getting a Start in Real Estate Investing

Are you anxious to get a piece of the wealth that is to be found in real estate investing? Until now, if you didn’t have experience or cash you it would be very unlikely that you’d be successful since real estate investing carries enormous risks and high start up costs. New investors with a lack of knowledge have lost all of their savings from a bad investment.   How can you prepare yourself to take on this lucrative market, especially with no cash? The buzzword among investors for those making a start in this field is “bird-dogging”. Don’t forget it.   Read More »

What’s a Bird Dog?

A bird dog is someone who locates properties, usually for a real estate investor. Bird dogging is a great way to learn real estate investing while putting some money in your pocket.  Will it make you rich?  Probably not.  But it can put you right into the world of professional real estate investors. By bird dogging, you can learn what kinds of properties investors prefer, what neighborhoods they like to work and how they make a decision as to whether or not a property is a “deal.”  Different investors prefer different things — some like single family houses in bread ... Read More »