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Why Investors Don’t Want Bird Dog Leads from the MLS

When talking about properties to scout, you may hear an investor say, “I don’t want anything that is already listed with a real estate agent. No MLS.” Why is that? First of all, an investor doesn’t need a bird dog to go through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for him. Agents are more than happy to send a list of properties that meet the investor’s criteria. They simply set the search parameters into the MLS and the system automatically generates a report and emails it to the investor. The investor will be paying the agent’s commission (technically, the seller pays ... Read More »

Problem Property? Just Say No

I saw an investor offer up a deal that looked something like this: Property has Chinese dry wall Pool is sinking into lake Anyone interested?   Now, in a seller’s market, when there aren’t a whole lot of deals to be had, this might be something worth looking at.  If you’re a complete masochist. Here’s the deal: Chinese Drywall: All the drywall has to be ripped out.  You will probably need to replace the electric and plumbing because the sulfur in the drywall corrodes them. You will need to replace the a/c system.  You will basically have a hazmat situation ... Read More »