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Keep It Legal

A friend of mine was at a local REIA meeting a couple of weeks ago and the speaker talked about how he used “Ants” meaning bird dogs to find properties for him. I guess he liked the word “ants” because he wanted to feel superior to the “worker drones” who were willing to go out and find him deals that would make him rich. (RICHER THAN HIS WILDEST DREAMS!)  So… you know that I am already pissed off. To add insult to stupidity, he had his “ant” in the room while he talked about using ants to find deals. He ... Read More »

You Need Room for Profit

Profits in Real Estate

Jay is working on some more tips of the week for people on our list and he asked me, “What are the five things you look for in a deal?” I won’t tell you all of them (hate to steal ALL of Jay’s thunder) but the one that jumped immediately to mind was “There has to be enough room in the deal for me to make my profit.” Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? That came directly out of a conversation I had just had with a sister investor. (Hey, can’t leave all the deals to you guys!) My friend was ... Read More »

What’s a Bird Dog?

A bird dog is someone who locates properties, usually for a real estate investor. Bird dogging is a great way to learn real estate investing while putting some money in your pocket.  Will it make you rich?  Probably not.  But it can put you right into the world of professional real estate investors. By bird dogging, you can learn what kinds of properties investors prefer, what neighborhoods they like to work and how they make a decision as to whether or not a property is a “deal.”  Different investors prefer different things — some like single family houses in bread ... Read More »